Friday, March 3, 2017

Ever feel like we traded our Leaders, for just another Boss?

  I'm struggling here folks. I haven't written in I don't know how long when, but this morning I woke up and felt like "I gotta get some shit off my chest"...And no I don't mean I woke up with a Cleveland Steamer on my Sternum.

 Do I have your attention? Are you planning on leaving now?
I promise I have a point(removes hat and sits down). And I'll get to it quickly, without wasting time trying to see how many times I can drop the F-Bomb in the first three paragraphs. I'm not a Vulgar Man, but I've been known to shut a sailor down in his own speak... picking up what I'm putting down? I'm also not a man to subjugate or violate a Woman's Rights publicly, privately or any other time. However, I have been known to Objectify them in my past,  due to a Horrible Addiction to Pornography. I love and respect Women. I have had to ask for Forgiveness and Freedom from the aforementioned addiction. The struggle is real! I was first exposed to Pornography as a very small child. Second grade I guess it was. My friends and I found a couple of dirty magazines out by a dumpster one day. Yea, we used to dumpster dive a lot back then. San Jose Apartments were a Gold Mine for Stuff Kids want! Old Toys, Car Parts, Wood to build with, broken camper shells to turn into Forts, Boxes, and yep you guessed it... periodicals! All kinds! Magazines, Newspapers, Paperback Books, Comics, and Smut. I learned about "What Big People Do" at a very young and fragile age. Penthouse and Hustler... those were the first two. Yea, early 1980's Hardcore, full penetration porn, with oral and anal. We saw it all. That's right, I didn't find these alone, all the neighborhood kids were out and about that day when Jesse and I came riding up to where we used to have "Dirt Clod" Wars at! Did I mention Jesse was a girl? I feel like that's pretty important here... Anyhow, yea those magazines became pretty popular amongst the youth of the area and all 5 surrounding Apartment Complexes. I shake my head in disgust thinking back, because I still remember many of the things I saw that very first day. Moving on...

 My next point I would like to focus on is Freedom. That is a word we Love to throw around in this Country, but do we really understand what it is or what it means? To me, Freedom means never having to ask permission. Being able to come and go as I choose, to decide what I want to put in my body, in my ears or on my heart to care about. I would like to go and Share with the people. But, you need permission from the County and approval from local Law Enforcement... Huh, ok.
I want to Travel the World. Not until we run a background check, process your identification, take a fee, wait for approval and then send you your papers saying you may do so... not that that is 100% a bad think because if shit goes south somewhere, I would like to be returned to my Nation of Birth. But see things that we call Freedoms are actually "allowances", we have to ask permission before we can do what we want to do. Now I completely understand we must have laws to abide by, absolutely, otherwise we would have Chaos and total Anarchy! Or would we? Have we seen this? Or have we seen the "Law'd" become "Lawless"? What is the point to, and here's that word again "allowing" States to make their Own Rules and Laws, if you're just going to run over the top of them to hurt people? Citizens of your Own Nation! Why would we ever want to declare War on our own people in our own land?!?!

 Get on with it Rob! I'm at work, I can't spend all day reading your BS.

Dip then...

I'm just sitting here waiting on the Repair Man to come by and check out my Oven. With thoughts on my mind and shit on my chest. I swallow hard every time I think of the fact that we have Traded our Leaders for a Boss. We are so deeply involved in our own Slavery that we don't see when we put another Master over us.

  Slavishly mentality! From Womb to Tomb, we are born to be Slaves. Slaves to our Addictions, Slaves to our "Work to Live, Live to Work" lives, Slaves to our Shopping habits, wants, desires, entertainment and even political parties. Beyond all that and controlled by the Real Owners of our Country and World. The 1%. The top of the top, richest of the rich! The actual Wealthiest Families in the World. They Finance all the Wars, tell you what to buy, where to shop, what to watch, who to listen to, how to love, what that looks like and even what to do on your time off... WHY?!?!?
Because we let them, and because they know that if we ever Unified and said "Fuck You!" The table would flip, and the wealth would be redistributed to the people whose backs actually earned it!
I find it hard to sleep at night knowing there are people in this world who have Billions and Trillions, with more freedoms and abilities than 99% of the world... and yet there are people, Children!!! Dying of Hunger and Disease. People who can afford to milk the system, pay off Government Agencies to score a break to earn freely without losing a moment of sleep or position of status and wealth. This is a Silver Spoon situation... beyond that! ...A  Diamond encrusted, platinum spork with engraved lettering, and a family crest! This is a Boss that is not familiar with accepting criticism, a Boss who has never had to struggle once. Never made a PBnJ, let alone eat KFC with his hands! Never built a Fort with couch cushions, skinned his knee jumping bikes on wooden ramps in his front yard till the street lights came on. Never eaten a Taco from a Truck in California, or Walk-In restaurant in Fresno, California!!! But I know someone who did. A Leader!

  But supposedly, We The People didn't like that Leader and in a giant display Televised for all to see We The People watched as a Dramatic Media event unfolded before our very eyes, just as was wanted and was planned by our Owners since the beginning. We The People chose another Boss to stand over us, piss down our backs and tell us that it's raining.

  We are far from Free people, and if you don't believe me could you please show me the way to free?

To be continued... I have more, just too busy to finish today.

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