Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Forgot all about this

 I did... I’m sorry. I’ve been a little distracted lately.
2018, has been a Horrible Year. 😖 and 2017 was no peach either. 
The World is a different place lately, and I don’t like the direction it’s going in at all.

I’ll expound on this in further detail, but not today. 

Today... I’m just here to say, “Hi”.


Friday, March 3, 2017

Ever feel like we traded our Leaders, for just another Boss?

  I'm struggling here folks. I haven't written in I don't know how long when, but this morning I woke up and felt like "I gotta get some shit off my chest"...And no I don't mean I woke up with a Cleveland Steamer on my Sternum.

 Do I have your attention? Are you planning on leaving now?
I promise I have a point(removes hat and sits down). And I'll get to it quickly, without wasting time trying to see how many times I can drop the F-Bomb in the first three paragraphs. I'm not a Vulgar Man, but I've been known to shut a sailor down in his own speak... picking up what I'm putting down? I'm also not a man to subjugate or violate a Woman's Rights publicly, privately or any other time. However, I have been known to Objectify them in my past,  due to a Horrible Addiction to Pornography. I love and respect Women. I have had to ask for Forgiveness and Freedom from the aforementioned addiction. The struggle is real! I was first exposed to Pornography as a very small child. Second grade I guess it was. My friends and I found a couple of dirty magazines out by a dumpster one day. Yea, we used to dumpster dive a lot back then. San Jose Apartments were a Gold Mine for Stuff Kids want! Old Toys, Car Parts, Wood to build with, broken camper shells to turn into Forts, Boxes, and yep you guessed it... periodicals! All kinds! Magazines, Newspapers, Paperback Books, Comics, and Smut. I learned about "What Big People Do" at a very young and fragile age. Penthouse and Hustler... those were the first two. Yea, early 1980's Hardcore, full penetration porn, with oral and anal. We saw it all. That's right, I didn't find these alone, all the neighborhood kids were out and about that day when Jesse and I came riding up to where we used to have "Dirt Clod" Wars at! Did I mention Jesse was a girl? I feel like that's pretty important here... Anyhow, yea those magazines became pretty popular amongst the youth of the area and all 5 surrounding Apartment Complexes. I shake my head in disgust thinking back, because I still remember many of the things I saw that very first day. Moving on...

 My next point I would like to focus on is Freedom. That is a word we Love to throw around in this Country, but do we really understand what it is or what it means? To me, Freedom means never having to ask permission. Being able to come and go as I choose, to decide what I want to put in my body, in my ears or on my heart to care about. I would like to go and Share with the people. But, you need permission from the County and approval from local Law Enforcement... Huh, ok.
I want to Travel the World. Not until we run a background check, process your identification, take a fee, wait for approval and then send you your papers saying you may do so... not that that is 100% a bad think because if shit goes south somewhere, I would like to be returned to my Nation of Birth. But see things that we call Freedoms are actually "allowances", we have to ask permission before we can do what we want to do. Now I completely understand we must have laws to abide by, absolutely, otherwise we would have Chaos and total Anarchy! Or would we? Have we seen this? Or have we seen the "Law'd" become "Lawless"? What is the point to, and here's that word again "allowing" States to make their Own Rules and Laws, if you're just going to run over the top of them to hurt people? Citizens of your Own Nation! Why would we ever want to declare War on our own people in our own land?!?!

 Get on with it Rob! I'm at work, I can't spend all day reading your BS.

Dip then...

I'm just sitting here waiting on the Repair Man to come by and check out my Oven. With thoughts on my mind and shit on my chest. I swallow hard every time I think of the fact that we have Traded our Leaders for a Boss. We are so deeply involved in our own Slavery that we don't see when we put another Master over us.

  Slavishly mentality! From Womb to Tomb, we are born to be Slaves. Slaves to our Addictions, Slaves to our "Work to Live, Live to Work" lives, Slaves to our Shopping habits, wants, desires, entertainment and even political parties. Beyond all that and controlled by the Real Owners of our Country and World. The 1%. The top of the top, richest of the rich! The actual Wealthiest Families in the World. They Finance all the Wars, tell you what to buy, where to shop, what to watch, who to listen to, how to love, what that looks like and even what to do on your time off... WHY?!?!?
Because we let them, and because they know that if we ever Unified and said "Fuck You!" The table would flip, and the wealth would be redistributed to the people whose backs actually earned it!
I find it hard to sleep at night knowing there are people in this world who have Billions and Trillions, with more freedoms and abilities than 99% of the world... and yet there are people, Children!!! Dying of Hunger and Disease. People who can afford to milk the system, pay off Government Agencies to score a break to earn freely without losing a moment of sleep or position of status and wealth. This is a Silver Spoon situation... beyond that! ...A  Diamond encrusted, platinum spork with engraved lettering, and a family crest! This is a Boss that is not familiar with accepting criticism, a Boss who has never had to struggle once. Never made a PBnJ, let alone eat KFC with his hands! Never built a Fort with couch cushions, skinned his knee jumping bikes on wooden ramps in his front yard till the street lights came on. Never eaten a Taco from a Truck in California, or Walk-In restaurant in Fresno, California!!! But I know someone who did. A Leader!

  But supposedly, We The People didn't like that Leader and in a giant display Televised for all to see We The People watched as a Dramatic Media event unfolded before our very eyes, just as was wanted and was planned by our Owners since the beginning. We The People chose another Boss to stand over us, piss down our backs and tell us that it's raining.

  We are far from Free people, and if you don't believe me could you please show me the way to free?

To be continued... I have more, just too busy to finish today.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

EBOLA ...2nd Health Care Worker Feared to Have it. USA. 10-15-14

"From now on, CDC Director Tom Frieden said, no one else involved in Duncan's care will be allowed to travel "other than in a controlled environment." He cited guidelines that permit charter flights or travel by car but no public transportation." ...I feel so much better Now!


 Here's where I'm at on this. She was in-charge of handling all of his Bodily Fluids... Then allowed to roam freely in public. I would imagine... You ever see the Movie Silkwood? Know the scene where she has to, "Take a Shower". Yea! The Fucking Bubonic Plague of the Century, that is only spread by the transmission of "Bodily Fluids" and not only is she not Scrubbed down before leaving, But is Allowed to Leave and then... FLY, public! 

Ebola is spread through direct contact with bodily fluids of a sick person or exposure to contaminated objects such as needles. People are not contagious before symptoms such as fever develop. And even then... IT IS NOT AIRBORNE. It is spread through direct contact with bodily fluids of a sick person or exposure to contaminated objects such as needles.


 ...In other News: "Back in 2012, 10,322 people died in drunk driving crashes - one every 51 minutes - and 290,000 were injured in drunk driving crashes." Also, "Teen alcohol use kills 4,700 people each year - that’s more than all illegal drugs combined." ...but that's nothing to be concerned about.

Have a Nice Day Everyone.

Friday, July 11, 2014

...Read an article today and it made me cry.

We're learning new details, including a possible motive, about the tragedy that unfolded in Spring yesterday that left six family members -- including four children -- dead and a seventh fighting for her life. The victims were all reportedly shot execution-style and the children's uncle is facing capital murder charges.

Ron Haskell, 33, is charged with multiple counts of capital murder. He was arrested last night in a north Harris County neighborhood after leading police on a brief chase that ended in an hours-long standoff.

According to the Harris County District Attorney's Office, Haskell's wife divorced him and moved from Utah to Houston with the help of her sister, who lived here. Records show he's been accused of domestic violence before. 

According to documents read in probable cause court, Haskell arrived Wednesday afternoon dressed as a FedEx guy at the victims' home in the 700 block of Leaflet Lane near Interstate 45 and Cypresswood. We've since learned Haskell used to work for FedEx.

A teen identified as Cassidy Stay, 15, recognized Haskell as her ex-uncle. She told him her parents were not home and he left. Haskell then reportedly came back a second time and kicked in the front door. He told Cassidy not to close the door and then tied her up. Haskell then waiting for the rest of the family to come home.

Investigators say when the rest of the family arrived, Haskell tied all of them up face down and asked them where his ex-wife was. When they said they didn't know, he shot all of them execution-style in the back of the head.

According to the Harris County Sheriff's Office, two adults, identified as Stephen Stay, 39 and Katie Stay, 33, died at the scene. Three children also died at the scene. Cassidy and a 4-year-old boy were both transported via Life Flight to the hospital. The boy died at the hospital.

"I've not personally in 40 years seen a tragedy in one family this horrific," Harris County Pct. 4 Constable Ron Hickman said. 

Court documents say Cassidy is the lone survivor of the shooting. She told deputies she played dead until Haskell left. That's when she dialed 911 to tip off police that the man intended to kill her grandparents. She remains in critical condition, they said.

Deputies were able to intercept Haskell, who led them on a chase that came to an end about three miles from the shooting scene.

A line of about two dozen patrol cars followed Haskell's vehicle to the end of the street shortly before 7pm. There, Haskell's boxed-in vehicle remained for hours. As darkness fell over the neighborhood, two armored trucks were brought in to block the car from behind and the front as negotiators began their work. Those talks continued for at least three hours before Haskell, who'd sporadically hold a gun up to his head, finally surrendered himself to authorities.

Sheriff's Sgt. Thomas Gilliland said when he and other officers approached the car, Haskell was "just sitting in his car looking out at us."

Residents in the area were forced to evacuate their homes during the standoff.

"They actually knocked on the door. My boyfriend answered and he was like, 'Can y'all get out as quick as possible?'" witness Samantha Aytes said. "I was like pretty freaked out because nothing ever happens in Spring. So I just wasn't expecting it at all."

Neighbors say the family had lived at the home on Leaflet for some time.

"It's just a terrible thing. I don't know what could have happened. " neighbor Dale Collier said. "Just a bad deal, bad, bad deal. You wouldn't think something like that would happen in a neighborhood like this. It's real quiet, never anything going on."

Neighbors have now set up a make-shift memorial for the slain family members outside of their home.

An official memorial page has been set up on Facebook, and those who want to donate to the family can do so on

 I don't even know this family, or their poor clild fighting for life... But, I want to kill this man so bad, I feel an anger inside me that wants to Beat Him, Burn Him and Gut Him... feel his Heart grow cold in the palm of my Hand after I cut it out, as he watches!!! WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO!?!?!? People have no sense of right and wrong! I know what I feel is wrong, but I'm not the only one. This Man destroyed LIFE! Real Life, Innocent Life, Beautiful Little Children Life!!! That makes him the embodiment of pure EVIL and Must be Destroyed!!! I realize I am using my Blog as a Venting point and it's the only place I can say this... But I want to see this man Killed in Texas and made an example of!!! You do not do this to Decent People!!! You do not do this To Families... YOU DO NOT DO THIS TO CHILDREN!!!

Then... I see this!

Are you kidding me!?!?! Because he was off his Med's!?!?!?! So that's the new excuse for being a complete piece of shit and Destroying A FAMILY!?!?!?!?

Hell NO!!!!!

Ronald Lee Haskell, 34

This Pile Needs to be sent straight to HELL with no chance of Redemption or Salvation! No Priest, No Long Walk, No Lethal Injection... PUBLIC EXECUTION! FIRING SQUAD, HANGING, DRAWN N' QUARTERED... WHATEVER!!! SO LONG AS HE SUFFERS!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Facebook Politics are killing me!!!

 All this talk about Hobby Lobby, The Supreme Court, freedoms becoming allowances, rights being taken away and ObamaCare... Feed is Flooded!!! 

 "Bro, do you even VOTE?!?!?!" Do you know how the system is being played and stacked against you? There is a battle going on, but it's not over seas(that's to keep you distracted)... it's right here. Our Government is not working for us, but rather against us, strategic moves are being made and have been for years, but we don't take the time to see what is happening and it's making us look like fools to the rest of the world. Not that we need help, Education, Health and the Standard of Living that most people accept is at an all time low. How did we come to this? Why?!?!


 Wanna make a difference? Find out what YOU(or someone with your best interests) need's to do to become a Part of the Senate or The House of Representatives. There are some minimal requirements...

 The legislative branch of the U.S. government consists of the Senate and the House of Representatives. The Senate has 100 members: 2 senators from each of the 50 states. The House has Approx 435 members; the representatives are elected based on the population of each state. To be a senator, you must be at least 30 years old, a resident of the state you represent, and a US citizen for at least nine years. To be a Representative, you must be at least 25 years old, a resident of the state you represent, and a US citizen for at least seven years. Senators serve terms of six years; Representative serve terms of two years. (They can run for their position as many times as they like, I.e. there are no term limits as there are for the presidency). The two jobs that only the Senate can do are approve or reject anyone the President recommends for a job in government, and act as a jury in an impeachment trial. The two jobs that only the House can do: start bills which concern taxes (Article I, Section 7 of the US Constitution) , and decide if a government official can be impeached. The president of the the Senate is the Vice-President, and in his absence, the president pro tempore. The leader of the House is the Speaker of the House.

 But before all that, do you know where you can start? When you become 18, REGISTER TO VOTE!!! And make it a point to vote in every election. Let your voice be heard! I realize it takes away from your TV, Cell Phone, Tablet, Laptop, Starbux, Mall Shopping and Video Game time. You may not be able to fit into the Voting Booth in your CosPlay Outfit or on your Rascal since a Dozen burgers a day put you in it. And I know, I know, I know... you will have to DVR your Honey Booboo, Duck Dynasty, American Idol and whatever other crap you stare longingly at on the Idiot Box. But you will be a part of something Greater. The Democratic Process!!! I have always believed in this process, I grew up learning about what separates our nation from the rest of the world and where we have failed ourselves at times... But we have the tools and the documents to return our Nation to Glory!

 Our Nation is Sick right now... The only way to make it better is to start working together. Being involved in the Process is Vital to the Survival of our way of Life! It's beyond "Them want to take our Guns", "They're poisoning us in our food", "Where's my Bailout", "Keep Marriage Sacred","That Damned ObamaCare"... the list goes on and on. Stop being a part of the Tool that is dividing us and start being a part of the Solution that can bring us together and help heal our nation. Think about that as we go into the Month of July. I will post links on how you can contact our Senators and Representatives, where you can research what Laws are being Voted on and those that got passed right under your nose. Let's not lose the Freedoms we still have and let's help protect the rights a freedoms of those around us.

 Anyhow, I'm getting off my soap box. Have a Happy 4th of July Everyone.


Friday, May 30, 2014

Happy Birthday Grandpa.

 This last week has been exceptionally hard for me... Yesterday was the one Year Anniversary of my Grandfathers passing. Today is his birthday.

 Ok, I'm not gonna lie... May has been a Hard Month all around. But I really can't complain, sure I feel Pain, I feel sorrow, the memories flood my brain till they flow from my eyes. Work has been exceptionally slow, I'm another year older... and feeling it, oh... and I tried to chop my finger off, but that's actually a funny story in and of itself.

 Here's the thing, even though it's comin' at me on all fronts... I'm fine. Happy, finding Joy in everything and continuing to live on the best way I know how. Because not only is that what my Grandfather would want, but it's what my Father has always wanted for me. So I give thanks and praise to him everyday. For the Air that I breathe, the Light that I see and the sounds of my Children laughing, because they are my Delight. My Exceptional and Beautiful Wife, Work that is not work for me at all, because I love what I do. I'm blessed and Glory be to God for every one of these Blessings and Gifting's!

 I know this sounds all Crazy Christian'eze... But, what other excuse could I have? I have every right to be deeply saddened, morose and otherwise spiteful... but what would that really get me? Would I be a productive person at all? Could I stand on two feet and say, "Bring it on, give me your worst!"? But I can! I can, because I know there is much more to Life than feeling bad all day. There is too much Joy in my Faith and my World to be down. Look I'm not blessed with all the right words, don't judge me because I don't sit here a quote verse from memory, that's the easy part... walking it out is the hard part and facing every other face in the crowd who looks down on you because you Celebrate your Faith. Not the "Religion" you've been boxed into. They would like to Label you "Weak Minded" or "Just another Sheep". "Christian", "Religious"...boxed in. I consider myself a "Christ Follower" not a "Christian". Don't Label me, or try to Box me in. Because those who really know me, don't. They just Love and be Loved. Look no one ever said following Christ was going to be easy, it's a good thing he's always next to me and behind me, too... otherwise there would be no Joy in the struggle. I see God in everything. The first person to ever explain that to me, in detail, but simple enough for a Child to understand, is no longer here with me. But I can hear his Voice inside my Head and remember all that he taught me.

 I miss you so very much Grandpa. You Raised me in your home, under your Rules and Authority. You showed me Responsibility, Trust, Faith, Loyalty, Honor, Kindness, How to Love and how to be Loved. You gave me Strength when I needed it and Mercy when I didn't deserve it at all... you saw past my Flaws and taught me how to see past others. Always a Gentleman, and a Defender when called. You showed me what it means to be a Husband, Father, Son and a Man.

 ...You left me some big shoes to fill, thank God we always wore the same size.

Happy Birthday Grandpa.

Your Grandson,
-Roby aka "PapaCheese"